For developers

Quick start
Developer documentation for the Kolibre client libraries is to be found in the libkolibre-builder wiki. How to build an Angstrom kolibre-image for a Raspberry Pi-unit is explained in the meta-kolibre wiki and how to deploy a demo webservice is described in the Kolibre KADOS wiki.

For Vadelma and the client libraries we've made a wish list here and for KADOS here. Suggestions and contributions to new features are very welcome!

How can I help?
An important part of Kolibre’s activities is making the development results available in a professional manner. This is especially important for developers who are interested in using the results for their own or for their clients’ needs, regardless of whether they represent a company or a nonprofit organization.

An open source project requires a functioning ecosystem. Developers and users need to be able to contribute to development, rectify eventual problems and give suggestions for new functionality and improvements. Kolibre has chosen to use the tools available at the Github portal in order to coordinate a development community in the best manner possible.

You can find Kolibre’s development pages (registration is free) at:

Contributing to Kolibre and Kolibre Licensing
Kolibre is delighted to accept contributions from the community to support Kolibre work. You could contribute in form of bug reports, fixes, development requests, translations, documentation or code. For larger contributions it is recommendable to contact Kolibre in advance so that our architect can provide guidance, if necessary. Contact:

Kolibre does not require copyright transfers, but requires a contribution license agreement (“CLA”) for the first time you contribute code. Submissions (including bugfixes) that comprise of more than five lines of code require a CLA. Submissions that contain a maximum of five lines of code are considered not subject to copyright and therefore no CLA is required. All pieces accepted as parts in Kolibre code will be published with an open source license. The current license of all Kolibre developed and maintained code is LGPL 2.1.

Why do we require a CLA to be signed?
The Kolibre CLA is required in order to protect the interests of everyone in the community. It is not only for hassle-free copyright licensing, but it also provides for a patent license for the contributions. This prevents someone to submit code and retain patent rights to the same code. The copyright license allows for Kolibre to change the outbound license to another open source license. Kolibre is not allowed to change the license of any code under a CLA into a closed source license.

In connection with the CLA you should notify us which github accounts you are using. This helps us to pinpoint contributions to individual pull and merge requests.

This policy does not apply to code delivered under separate contracts.

The agreement can be downloaded here. For any questions, please contact: