What is Kolibre?

Open to everyone
The mission of the Kolibre non-profit organisation is to promote access to the information society for individuals with print disabilities, such as the visually impaired. This is achieved by providing the required tools for free to organisations and individuals. The software that Kolibre administrates and develops is published under an open source license and available to all interested parties at github.com/kolibre.

Extensive cooperation
Kolibre strives for extensive cooperation between organizations, companies and private individuals in relation to the development of accessible information systems for individuals with various needs. On our web pages you will find information regarding Kolibre’s activities and how you can use, develop and contribute to the Kolibre open source projects.

Kolibre Vadelma, a lowcost audiobook player for the visually impaired
As a demo of the Kolibre associations activities we have in a series of projects developed an accessible Internet-enabled talking book player (Kolibre Vadelma) and a linked web service solution (Kolibre KADOS).

What's most exciting about our solutions: You can easily build a hardware player supporting accessible digital talking book formats for around 50 dollars, with navigation logic and all! Watch and listen to the 5 minute Youtube-video below for an introduction.

More about this under the menu Demo (Vadelma and KADOS)!