DAISY software

The software developed and maintained by Kolibre goes back to 2003, when several organisations and companies in Jakobstad, Finland, started developing software with the goal of making printed newspapers accessible to the visually impaired.

DAISY software

Software development continued for over 10 years and resulted in several software and hardware products and services supporting the DAISY standards, with the core software libraries being refactored, further developed and published as open source by Kolibre. The supported standards include DAISY 2.02 and DAISY Online Delivery Protocol.

These software libraries are available and documented on the Github developer portal at


Kolibre Vadelma video demo

A series of video clips has been made by Kolibre, demonstrating Vadelma features.


More demo videos can be found at


What is DAISY?

The DAISY standards allow blind, visually impaired or other people with reading disabilities to read and navigate a book as easily and efficiently as others use printed books. The DAISY Online Delivery protocol makes it easy to download and listen to digital audiobooks over the Internet using customized apps and devices.

Developed in the early 2000s, DAISY standards are widely used by talking book libraries and international organizations for the visually impaired, with over 2 million books available in over 50 languages worldwide.

DAISY is supported by many suppliers of production solutions, distribution and reading systems. The International DAISY Consortium manages and develops the standards, more information is available at